What do you do if your WiFi isn't working


What do you do if your WiFi isn't working

WiFi is a wireless networking technology that allows devices such as computers mobiles and other types of equipment like printers, video cameras, TV, etc. to interface with the Internet. With technological advancement day by day WiFi’s importance, no one can deny it. Nowadays, everyone knows about WiFi which is very easy and convenient to use. One may connect their device with WiFi and access the internet without any external wire and all. At times, one may face trouble during using it like some unauthorized person accessing the WiFi or hack the password-no need to worry about it.

Here is a simple and easy way to reset your WiFi password:

  • Open a browser on the computer or the device which is connected with the router’s network.
  • Enter the router’s website which will be redirected to the log-in page.
  • Now the user needs to put the username and password and hit the key ‘enter’. 
  • Now the website will redirect to a new page where the user needs to select ‘setting’ ‘then ‘Wireless Setup’. Now enter the network name and enter the new password and press the key to apply.
  • Now the password is changed.

Even, if someone hasn’t connected to the network, he/she put the correct password which they use for the router. Here we will be elaborating on how to reset the WiFi password not working issue. The user first needs to take out the wireless card from the router, after few seconds again reinsert the card. Sometimes the card gets stuck and makes some problems with the WiFi connection. It may resolve the issue.

How to reset the WiFi password not working

Probable ways to troubleshoot WiFi connection issues:

  • Update your computer
  • Turn off antivirus and firewall till the connection is done
  • Restart your modem/router
  • Update your WiFi password
  • Insist your computer to forget the network
  • Delete your WLAN profile

How to resolve WiFi connection issues

Check twice the wireless security which you have used is correct. The same type of security is being used by the service provider. Sometimes default selected wireless security passwords are not the same. Properly verify the wireless card which is using is working properly or not. If it has some issue the WiFi will not work properly. If the password is not working, please reset the password. To do that, click on the reset button for 20 to 30 seconds. It should be remembered that the power button of the router must be switched on at that time. You will get the username and the password fields as blank fields after the reset are done. In most cases, the username is ‘admin’ and the password one needs to put. If the user’s name does not work, one needs to confirm with the service provider by calling their customer care number.

If any WiFi user faces a problem connecting with WiFi can solve their issue with WiFi password reset DLink by following ways:

  • The user needs to open the router, admin panel using the default IP address.
  • After that put the username and the password, in most of the cases the user’s name and password are ‘admin’ and ‘admin’. Although if trouble persists, contact the service provider.
  • After that go to the Wireless > Wireless Security > WPA/WPA2 – Personal > Password.
  • Put the desired password of your wish and hit the key ‘apply’, the password will change.
  • Get the IP address of your router.
  • Then open the browser you use and put the IP address of your router in the search field and press the key enter.
  • The browser will take you to the log-in page, then to drop down of the page and select the admin option from there.
  • After that provide the password and hit the option ‘ok.
  • Now on the next step, select the web configuration option.
  • Next, select the option ‘manual configuration set-up’.
  • After that select the ‘pre-shared key’ option, if it is not available select the option ‘security mode’.
  • üThen create a new password and then connect your pc to the router by using the new password and the WiFi without any hassle.

How to reset spectrum WiFi password

The user can also reset the password by clicking the reset key for at least 10 seconds of the router setting. If any user of Spectrum forgets his/her password- can simply reset the password. The user needs to open the Spectrum app on their smartphone or tablet what he/she may use.

Here is the process to WiFi password reset spectrum:

  • Now sign in to the spectrum account with the necessary user name and password.
  • Now the user needs to select services.
  • If the user wishes to change the ‘network name’ and password need to select an option ‘update’
  • In most of the cases in Spectrum the Network name and password are written in the label of the modem or modem-router combo.
  • Now put in a new password and select the option confirm to change the password with a new one. By this, the user can use WiFi hassle-free.

If any Xfinity user may forget his/her router password no need to worry about it- they can easily reset their password. To move with WiFi password reset Xfinity, you first need to open the browser and search for the Xfinity official website. Visit the website and go to the log-in page where you need to put the Xfinity ID and press the option “continue’. Avoid putting the security option moving on the box. Now select any option from the given option like ‘by email’, via ‘phone number’, via ‘text message’, and via ‘security option’ to recover your password. You can then create a new password and use the WiFi network without any hassle. Reset your Xfinity router password by pressing the reset key and hold for at least 15 seconds and can reset the setting in the router.