Google Account Recovery


Google Account Recovery

Google has been ranked number one search engine since a long time as it gives most appropriate result for your search. You can use other products and services of Google like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Maps, Play Store etc. However Gmail is the most important product of Google that needs an account. Once an account is created with Gmail, you can access most of the Google products and services for free. Many Google users forget their account password after making a new account. This is a serious issue that requires you to recover your Google account. Forgetting password is the most common issue that a Google user faces.

If you are among those who have lost their account password then you can recover your Google account by following Google Account Recovery Steps as mentioned below:

Open Google login page and enter your email address and click on Next.

Click on “Forgot my password” option.

Enter the last password that you used to login.

If you have your last password with you, enter it otherwise click on “Try another way”.

Enter the registered phone number to get a text message with verification code.

Enter the code received in the box on the screen.

Once the code is verified, you are allowed to set a new password for your account.

If you don’t have your registered phone number with you, then you can choose to reset your account by answering the security question or by giving details of date of birth etc.

Google Account Recovery date of birth

There are many users who don’t have access to their registered email id or mobile number.

So they can recover their Google account through their date of birth and other details:

Go to Google log in page and enter your email address and click on Next.

Click on “Forgot my password” option.

Click on “Try another way” until you get an option to enter your date of birth.

Then enter your date of birth that you provided at the time of account creation.

Once the date of birth entered by you get matched with the Google account data, then you can reset your account password.

Google Account Recovery phone number

Recovery of a Google account is not a tough task. If you are aware with the Google Account Recovery Steps then you can get back your account back in minutes otherwise you have to wait for the goole support. If you have registered your mobile number in your Google account, then you can also get back access to your account.

  • Go to Google log in page and enter your email address and click on Next.
  • Click on “Forgot my password” option.
  • Enter the last password you remember and then click Next.
  • Choose the way to recover your Google account. Choose to recover using text message on registered mobile number.
  • You will have an option to get code as text message or via a call. You can opt any of these two.
  • Enter the received code in the box over the screen.
  • Once the code is verified successfully, you can set a new password for your Google account.

Recover Google Account Help

Many users are weak technically. They need to talk with the live person to get solution for the issues thy face. Thus Google has started a toll free number through which users can contact the Google account recovery help team and get quick and best solution for the issues of Google account recovery. What you have to do is just you need to call the customer support team over the toll free number and follow the Google Account Recovery Steps explained by the support executive. Don’t hesitate in contacting the support team. Dial the number and get support from the best customer support team.