Protonmail Support number


Protonmail Support Number

Protonmail is an email service founded in Geneva in 2013, by Scientists who spent their whole time in the CERN research facility. It is the world's largest secure email service which provides end-to-end encryption to its user and lots of other great security features to keep their communications private and secure. The email accounts can be used on any device without any software installation in a normal browser. However, apps are there for Android and iOS. The service provider provides 2 password modes in which the user can use one password for the account and another for Inbox. Email can send or receive from and with other email service providers. The next-generation inbox is planned to help the user work quicker by being easy to use. All though, the company offers so many facilities to its users.

Hence, some users may have few issues, which are as follows:

Password manager: Protonmail provides 2 password modes to its users, but not all password managers support it. If anyone uses a password manager, they need to disable it and needs to enter the password manually.

Reset password: Through recovery email address, firstly, the user needs to open the Protonmail log-in page where he/she need to put username and hit the button ‘need help’. The web page will be redirected to the page where the user needs to select the option ‘reset password’. Now enter username and hit the tap ‘next’. Now enter recovery email and press the option ‘enter’. The service provider will send a security code to the registered email which needs to enter and press the tap ‘reset Password’. Now the user can reset the password and set a new password.

Through recovery phone number, if any user wants to reset Protonmail password he/she needs to select the option ‘need help’ and on the next step ‘reset password’. Thereafter, need to select the phone number option to reset the password. Now enter the phone number and enter the option ‘send code’. The service provider will send a code to the registered phone number which the user needs to enter on the website and press the option reset password. Now on the next step, the user can easily reset the password with a new one.

Clear Browser Cache and Restart Browser: Many users find a problem with the corrupt cache. For this, the user needs to clear all cache and perform a restart process of the browser and test the browser is working properly.

Update browser or try another way: If any user faces a problem during log-in, then check the browser is updated or not. If not then update with the latest version. If the browser is the latest version but still not working properly then the user needs to change the browser to log in to the account.

Incorrect Domain: A user when logging in to their account they need to put the full username with the domain. Protonmail provides two types of domains which are .ch and .com. If any user got a .com domain and they use. Ch for log-in to their account or vice versa may need to cross-check and put the correct domain.

Try another platform: If any user faces trouble login with the Android app or in iOS, they can use any browser to log in to the account.

Safari private mode: If any user tries to log in to their account with safari private made, they will face a problem with this because Protonmail is not working on safari private mode.

Browser Extensions: If any user faces a log-in problem, they can try to log in with private mode or incognito (except safari) or if the browser contains with extension, then the user needs to disable the extension for that browser and try again to log in to the account.

Protonmail support

All through if any email user may have a query about the account, they can contact with Proton mail support section, the executives are always there to resolve the issues faced by the users, regarding any features & services related to the company. Add-on to this, if any user needs further help regarding any issues related to the services, they can contact with Protonmail support number and seek help from the executive of the company.

Protonmail Support Phone Number

If any user likes to reach the company’s executive, they can contact through Protonmail support phone number. The company provides phone support to its users during Swiss Business Hours from Monday to Friday (10 am to 6 pm) except for public holidays. The user must submit a Support Form to get the Customer support number or to get a call back from the company executive’s which is available on the company’s website. The company has suggested not to call any other phone number which they find through web searching, rather than one find the number from the company officials. If anyone calls the number which they find through web browsing, it maybe fake or there may be a chance to stolen one’s credentials. If any user wants to contact the company executive regarding any issues which they face with the company’s services, plans, or any other features they can contact Protonmail customer support teams. Any user of the account can contact the support team by submitting a support request through the company’s website or via the report Blog feature of the company’s app. The company’s Email support is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.