How to Reset Network Settings


How to Reset Network Settings

Android is highly popular among the cell phone users. It has competitors like iOS but iOS is only limited to iPhones. It is definitely a great progressive mobile operating system that is in use in current period of time. It is backed by Google and it is from this the users get the confidence and trust. Android usually updates and stays ahead of its potential competitors in a regular basis. Android users have grown rapidly in the market because any brand you buy and you will find most of them using Android. Android is the Microsoft Windows of the cell phone world.

What is reset network setting?

As we know just like in any operating system for mobile phones, even in Android there are several options of resetting available. You do not need to take any drastic steps like formatting your mobile device without trying out these resetting options. Resetting network is a standard setting that you can find in Android and also in other operating systems like iOS because it is highly common. Anytime you feel like you are facing issue related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in your mobile device like Wi-Fi signal is not getting connected or Bluetooth has any file transferring issue then you would have to reset network setting.

  • Reset network settings helps you to bring all the network related setting to its original state very easily to resolve some errors that you face related to network. This setting will take you back to the days when you bought your mobile device in terms of network setting.
  • With network setting reset your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN connections might get affected as you have start all of them from scratch again. It is highly preferable to try if you are facing trouble with any network related stuffs.
  • Hotspot and wireless display are not affected by resetting network setting of your mobile device. It is popular belief that these are also affected by network setting reset but it is nothing more than just a myth.

Wi-Fi Network and Password

Wi-Fi is a highly used thing in the current era. It has created a great internet presence in our life which we used to struggle with before. If you reset the network setting then it will affect Wi-Fi network the most as you will lose out all the Wi-Fi related stuffs like passwords too. If you are planning to reset the network, prefer to note down Wi-Fi passwords before resetting the network of your cell phone.

Bluetooth Connections: Just like Wi-Fi connections you will face issues with Bluetooth connections. All the paired devices and connections will be removed. You have to again check those devices and connections and connect with them manually.

Mobile Phone Settings: This is the third area where you will see some affects after Reset network settings in Android phone. Your preferred network mode will come to the original state in this case, does not matter if you had preferred 4G, 3G, 2G or LTE mode. General services like calling and SMS will not be affected at all in this case. Data setting of your mobile phone will also not be affected if you have your SIM inserted during the whole process. So, technically some cellular settings will be affected and some will not be affected.

VPN setting: This is another area where you will see affects after network reset process is done. Your VPN settings will be altered to original state. All the server details and passwords will be deleted and you have to add them up manually. Just remember the password before doing network reset.

  • What are the programs that resetting network setting does not affect?
  • Wireless display

Hotspot: These two will remain unaffected against the general myths; along with these two your personal information stored in the device will not be affected.

When you should reset network setting?

  • When you are facing Wi-Fi issues like it is not connecting or the connection is dropping consistently.
  • Bluetooth is showing errors and not connecting.
  • Receiving or making calls is being a problem.
  • Consistent signal issues.
  • These are some basic issues while you are using a cell phone. These issues are terrible if you do not know the simple solution is to reset network setting.

How to do network setting reset?

  • Hit on setting.
  • The go to network and internet.
  • Next hit on the three dot icon you see at right top corner.
  • Next click on network setting reset.
  • Then hit on reset setting.

Network setting should be done if no other ways are fixing your issues that are related but not limited to Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connections, VPN or phone connections. It might seem hard given that it takes everything back to original state; still it is best thing to do. Doing this fixes all the regular errors and issues.