How to change or reset  your Gmail password

How to change or reset Gmail password

There are situations when we may want to change our Gmail passwords or feel the necessity to reset them. Sometimes it is difficult for us to remember all our account passwords, especially when we use accounts from multiple webmail companies. Some other times we lost our accounts to hackers. To make things less complicated and convenient for its users, Google provides various options to change or reset your Gmail Password. Based on your comfort level, you can choose any one of the options provided by Google to change or reset your Gmail Password. Changing your Gmail password is very easy. We invite you to perform the steps below. You will also get to know how to deal with your account if you, unfortunately, forgot Gmail Password.

How to change your Gmail password

  • Open the main Google login page and log in to your Google Account
  • Now on the extreme top right corner of the page, you will see three vertical dots; click on it
  • From the list of options displayed, click on “Settings”
  • On the new settings page that opens, on the left hand corner, click on “Privacy and Security”
  • Now click on “Manage Your Google Account”
  • Next on the new page that opens up, click on “Personal Info” which is also on the left-hand side of the page
  • Next click on the arrow on the right side of “Password”
  • Click on “Next” to verify your account
  • Enter your new password and re-confirm again by entering the same
  • Click on the “Change Password” tab
  • Proceed to log in to your Google Account with your new password

How to reset your forgotten Gmail password

  • Open the main Google login page
  • Enter you Email address and click on “Next”
  • Now enter the last password you used if you remember else click on “Try Another Way”
  • A notification will be sent to you registered Phone, tap on “Yes” on the notification received
  • If you do not have access to your phone, the click again on “Try Another Way”
  • This will allow you to receive a “Verification Code” in your alternate e-mail address
  • Click on “Send”
  • On the following page, enter the verification code
  • and click on “Next”
  • Proceed to change your t password and log n to your Google Account with the new password

How to contact Gmail password reset number

Google, due to its vast customer base all over the world, has multiple Helpline Numbers that provide services all over the world. The sole purpose of having multiple helpline numbers, mostly country-wise, is also due to the different time zones.

Here is how to contact the Gmail password reset number:

  • Open the Google Account Recovery page
  • Next, on the top left corner, tap on the “Menu” option
  • Now click on “Contact Us”
  • Next, select the query or issue you need help with
  • Select the option to be contacted by phone from the list

Upon doing the steps above, you will be contacted by a Google Customer Support Specialist in your registered phone number, or you can also leave an alternate phone number for Google to contact you. A user, who wants to reset Gmail password, is also eligible to contact the live person via live chat support, via offline chat support, via forum support, or via complaint and feedback support.

Gmail Password Reset Support

All these are appreciated method of contacting the technical support engineers associated with this webmail company:

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Apart from reset forgotten Gmail password, these are some other genuine reasons why the users contact the support engineers. They are ready to welcome you in open arms whether you contact them this way or that way. Google management has trained and prepared them to cater to optimum quality support services. While assisting the users, these professionals deliver their highest level of effort. Hence, they have able to attain deep trust from millions of users.


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