How to Fix It When Google Chrome Is Not Working


How to Fix Google Chrome Is Not Working

Today chrome is an inevitable part of our life as more than 2.65 billion people use Google chrome globally on a daily basis. Although, most of us use other browsers as well but chrome have always been a dominant player in the search engine market. But facing glitches with Google chrome is quite obvious now days. No matter, whether your chrome is not working, not updating, not opening or not responding, you can troubleshoot all your chrome problems quickly just by following some facile steps below. There may be instances when you face proxy errors or webpage not available errors with your Google chrome but don’t worry as below are some common troubleshooting steps following which you can fix the chrome not working problem within 2 minutes.

Establish a strong network connection: If you’re chrome is showing error-connection-failed error, then simply switch to a 4G LTE network. All you need to do is open your phone settings> wireless connections> toggle on personal hotspot. Next, click on the network icon on your computer and search for your hotspot, click on it, enter the password displayed on your mobile screen and tap on the connect button.

Reboot Google chrome: If there’s no network issue, then try restarting your chrome. Just push the ctrl+ q keys all together to close your chrome and then open it again. Moreover, if a specific page on your chrome is not loading, then try reloading the page by pressing ctrl+ shift+ t keys all together.

Clear the chrome cache: An overload of browsing history, cached files and unwanted cookies may restrict proper functioning of Google chrome hence you can fix your chrome issues by clearing all the unwanted data and cookies from your browser. Just tap on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner of the chrome page> settings > Privacy and security> Clear browsing data> Clear data.

Check the chrome version: An outdated version of chrome often creates problems in proper working of chrome hence updating your chrome to the latest version from time to time is important. To update your chrome, tap on the more button located at the top right corner and look for update Google chrome button. If there’s no update button under the more section, then your chrome is updated. However, you will find the update button if you have an outdated version. So, just click on it and then hit the re-launch button.

Power cycle your PC: If your chrome is still not working even after all the attempts then restart your PC as instead of chrome browser, there may be some issue in the PC itself. So, first close all the tabs in chrome and switch off your PC. Then restart your PC after 2 minutes and open chrome again.

How to fix chrome not updating problem

Although there are several reasons behind chrome not updating issue but identifying the actual cause behind the problem on the chrome page will help you to diagnose the problem quickly. Just tap the more menu on the new tab and choose help> About Google chrome. Here you can easily detect the main reason behind Google not updating issue and then follow the solutions stated below.

Use integral network Troubleshooters: If chrome update is showing error messages with codes 3,7,11 and 12, then network connection is the creating problems in your Chrome updates. Hence, you can run the integral network troubleshooters on your PC and eliminate the chrome not updating issue in 5 minutes. So, open your PC settings and click on update and security. Now, tap on the troubleshoot tab and choose additional troubleshooters. Next, click on internet connections troubleshooter and follow the steps to diagnose the internet issue.

Disable the chrome extensions: Sometimes, extensions restrict the chrome updating process hence you can disable the chrome extensions and try to update the browser again. To disable the extensions, click on the extensions icon present at the top right corner of the chrome’s home screen and choose manage extensions. Now, toggle off the active extensions and try to update your chrome now.

Modify the Google update service settings: The Google update service in the PC is responsible for automatic update of the chrome browser but there are chances that the service is set on manual startup type so you have to reset the startup type on automatic mode to allow the browser to update automatically. Just launch the run box by pressing windows+ R keys all together and type services.msc in the text field. Hit the ok button and service window will open. Now, search and double tap on Google update service and change the startup type as automatic.

How to fix chrome not working on Windows 10

Whenever you install chrome on Windows 10, it modifies the windows registry that can restrict proper functioning of chrome on Windows 10. Hence, to diagnose the registry issue, open the task manager by pressing ctrl+ shift+ esc key all together and click on service tab. Next, search for Cryptsvc service in the name column and once found, select and right click on this service and choose to restart the service. Now, open the chrome after some time and it will work properly.