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You have opened the right page if you have not signed in to your Yahoo account for a long time, and you have some trouble accessing it now. We made hours of discussions with the account support engineers and brought forward a genuine way of dealing with it. Therefore, it is an open invitation for you to get back the concerned account with the use of Sign-in Helper and creating a new password. It is going to be the ultimate solution for you if you forgot Yahoo! password and have an issue in accessing the account. 

Steps to quickly and efficiently recover Yahoo account:

Step 1: In order to recover the Yahoo account users will need to land onto the Yahoo Sign In helper page and then from there they can list the available options.

Step 2: From the list of available options choose the option which fits or you find it easy to recover.

Step 3: Once done then users can click on Continue and now users will get a one time code to recover the account.

Step 4: Once entered then users can create a strong and secure password for their Yahoo mail account and then they can login with the newly created account password.

Let’s get started by accessing Yahoo! Sign-in Helper. 

Reset your account password with Yahoo! Sign-in Helper:

  • Open Yahoo! Sign-in Helper.
  • Enter your Google ID in the Yahoo ID field.
  • Then you need to click on the continue icon.
  • It will open a new page.
  • This page will insist you enter your account VERIFICATION CODE.
  • A verification code will be sent.
  • Hence, you will get a verification code to that email address.
  • You need to enter this code and hit the verify icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to get back your account.
  • Hence, you will get the chance to create a new password. 
  • Enter the newly made password twice – save it.

Now you are ready to make your account login 

Reset your account password by accessing the account recovery page

  • Type on your web browser 
  • It will open the account login page
  • The account login page will insist you to enter the login credentials – enter the username
  • Hit the Next icon
  • A popup box as PROVE YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT will appear 
  • Check this box to prove you are not a robot 
  • The password page will open 
  • You will be insisted to enter your password 
  • Hence, you will get into the account recovery page 

Reset your account password by contacting the account security officials 

Have you recovered your account with a forgotten password? Enjoy sending and receiving emails! If you have not reset Yahoo! password due to any technical difficulty, Yahoo! invites you to make a direct conversation with the technology experts. The management believed in delivering high-class support services and recruited a team of technology experts. These are highly skilled customer care agents who are known for their optimum professionalism and dedicated approaches. Engaged in catering result-oriented services to millions of Yahoo! account users, they ensure their availability throughout the day. 

  • Speak to Yahoo! representatives by Helpline Number 
  • Contact Yahoo! representatives via Social Media
  • Speak to the representatives via email support 
  • Contact Yahoo! representatives via Chat Support 
  • Get in Touch with Yahoo! representatives via Interactive Virtual Assistant 
  • Contact Yahoo! representatives via forum support

You may ask, why to contact the Yahoo representatives. Well, the customer care agents are ready to deliver satisfactory services against the issues like, Yahoo! signing in trouble, Yahoo! account password change, Yahoo! email sending and receiving issues, Yahoo! account configuration, Yahoo! account recovery, Yahoo! add contacts, delete emails on Yahoo! Mail, or using Yahoo! email account in Facebook or WhatsApp. Nevertheless, some common ways to troubleshoot the Yahoo technical issues are restarting the PC, updating the web browser, enabling the JavaScript, disabling browser enhancements, clearing the web browser's cache, resetting the browser to default settings, temporarily disabling the security solution such as antivirus, antispyware, and firewall products.

Forgot Yahoo Password and no access to phone

Then get instant support for your account recovery here:

Passwords can be frustrating at times. Although password manager has eliminated the need to enter the password but remembering passwords is still a tedious task when we log-in from other person’s device.

Hence, if you forgot Yahoo password and have no access to your phone, then this step by step guide below will help you to recover the Yahoo account in just 5 minutes!!

How to recover Yahoo password with phone number?

  1. Open the Yahoo sign-in page on your preferred web browser and enter your username.
  2. Next, at the password page, hit the forgotten password button and choose to get the 6 digit password reset code on your pre-registered phone number.
  3. Now, just enter the phone number associated with your current account and click on send me the code button in blue
  4. Just fetch the 6 digit recovery code from your phone messages and provide the same to Yahoo.
  5. Once the code is submitted to Yahoo, you will be asked to enter a new password for your Yahoo account.

Forgot Yahoo password and lost the phone number as well?

Just follow 3 easy steps below:

Although phone number is the best password recovery option but if your number isn’t registered with your Yahoo account or out of service, then recovery email is the best option! Here’s how you can recover your account with alternate email.

  1. At Yahoo password page, choose forgotten password and select the recovery email option.
  2. Here, you just need to input the alternate email address linked with your current Yahoo account and Yahoo will now send the alphanumeric verification code on this email address.
  3. Just open the recovery email, copy the 6 digit code and paste in the required field. Once the email is verified, you will be redirected to password reset page where you just have to set a new password for Yahoo account.

Forgot Yahoo password and recovery email?

Don’t worry!! Yahoo still has other options for you. Choose to answer the security questions that were set up at the time of account creation. But this option is available only if security questions were initially set up. Under this, just provide correct answers to questions like your date of birth, favourite movie or song etc and then you can easily reset your password.

Forgot Yahoo password and security questions as well? Then sign-in using Google account!

If you don’t remember your recovery email and don’t remember the answer to security questions as well, then choose to sign-in with your Google account. But for this, your Google account must be linked with Yahoo. For recovering your Yahoo account using Google account, just select “sign-in with Google” option at forgotten password page and enter your associated Gmail ID and password. The advantage of signing in with Google account is that you don’t have to reset your Yahoo password as well.

What should I do if I forgot Yahoo password of an old email?

If you created a Yahoo account long time back and want to open it now, then phone number and Google account option may or may not be available for you as these features were introduced later. Under such situation, recovery via alternate email and security questions are the only options left for your account recovery. And if have updated your phone number and linked Google account with Yahoo, then forgetting the password of an old email should not worry you.

How to recover forgotten Yahoo account password

You may be busy with some of your important activity as a result of which you may haven’t accessed your Yahoo account for a long time. As a result of this you may have forgotten your Yahoo account password. In case that is really troubling you then we can always assist and guide you to quick and efficient recovery of your Yahoo account. Recovery of email account can either be done with the steps as mentioned above and in case they are having a difficulty when following the steps then they can also consult us through our contact us section which is available all through the day and all through the year. Choose a mode wisely and get your account quickly and efficiently recovered.